Product Post: Fun with Containers

I recently had the enormous privilege of working as a day player on an episode of Chicago Fire. For this episode myself and my lovely fellow day players were tasked with making up over 100 background extras who needed some degree of blood and / or dust.

In the early, early morning the background came to see us for their first round of makeup, and we had to crank them out. They formed a line and we called them as quickly as we could get someone out of our chair and onto the next step in their process. After doing the initial makeup, we then spent the day keeping an eye on them on set, and running in to do touch ups whenever we could. For touch ups on a massive and busy set, you need to be prepared to do good work quickly, efficiently, and always making sure to stay out of everyone else’s way. For this, you not only need a system and good communication with your department, but also a few tricks up your sleeve.

I am a container junkie, I will wander the aisles of Home Depot, Michael’s, and of course, Container Store, looking for the next awesome item that I can use in my kit. When I was packing up the night before my first day on set, I tossed into my kit a small container designed for holding sliced cheese. It ended up being extremely useful on set.

This is how I packed the cheese container: One small travel sized container of cotton swabs, with the lid broken off so the swabs were easily accessible. Several makeup sponges, some with the ends ripped off so they could be used to achieve a more organic feel when applying makeup. Orange stipple sponge and black stipple sponge. All of these fit nice and snug in the body of the cheese container, but the real innovation was the lid. When doing touch ups I popped the lid open and poured a small amount of fake blood into the well created by keeping the lid open. This allowed me to hold the container in one hand, and use my other hand to grab tools from the cheese container or my set bag, and dip them into the blood to apply to background.


I used this little system for 6 days on set, and it worked really well. I still had a small set bag on at all times to hold the containers of blood, baby wipes, and other touch up materials needed, but the cheese container made it possible to jump from one person to the next very quickly, and with minimal mess. That’s my blood touch up trick, I’m sure the same container could be used for any number of different makeup artist purposes!



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3 responses to “Product Post: Fun with Containers

  1. I’m so going to use this on set! …You were such a great help on that episode it looks amazing ….We will see you next season!

  2. jen

    Great tip!! Love the idea of using the lid for the blood- you should come to my house and take some of my containers out of my house!! hah!

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