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Product Post: Cleaning brushes

This is too cool not to share. All makeup artists have their preferred methods for cleaning, washing, shampooing, and sanitizing their brushes. Alcohol and brush cleaners are great in a pinch for killing germs and keeping things tidy on set. Many different brands make many different products designed to kill germs and clean your brushes, but I just want to share my current favorite method, and products.

Clean brush shampoo is a lovely product. Natural ingredients, and highly effective. Shampooing brushes is a process that normally involves getting the bristles wet, swishing them around in the solid shampoo, and then gently agitating the bristles. I do this in the palm of my hand, taking care not to damage the bristles while making sure to get them saturated with the shampoo. Powder makeup tends to come out of the bristles easier than cream makeup, and usually I just take extra time and care, rinsing and reapplying shampoo until the brushes are clean.


Makeup artists LOVE any products that make our lives easier, save time, and are just plain cool and innovative. So when I was shopping for supplies at Target a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to discover a new toy. Roaming around the kitchen section, I spotted a little item called a Corn Scrub Brush. Palm sized, oval, with one side full of soft but densely packed almost-clear bristles. Perfect for cleaning brushes! I bought one and tried it out that night, cleaning my most stubborn red sable foundation brushes, tiny lip brushes, and synthetic bristle concealer brushes. It worked amazingly well! The color of the bristles makes it easy to see the makeup coming off the brush, and the softness of the scrubber doesn’t damage the soft hairs of the makeup brushes. It fits in the palm of my hand, and when I’m done cleaning brushes I give it a spritz of alcohol and let it air dry. Easy and effective!


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